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Streaming Sermons

Bill Clingan Memorial Service - Pastor Barry

Bill Clingan Memorial Service - Full

Judy Ann Meeks Memorial Service

121712 The Gathering JXN

121012 The Gathering JXN

111912 The Gathering JXN

110512 The Gathering JXN How You Can Change Your World

102912 The Gathering JXN Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

102212 The Gathering JXN Overcoming the Obstacles to Experiencing God's Power

101512 The Gathering JXN Lord, I'm Ready to See It Happen!

100812 The Gathering JXN How God Deals with Nations

It is Time to Occupy the Altar

The Revolution Community

The Message of the Revolution

The Birth of the Revolution

The Pathway to Revolution Power

Whatever Happened to the Revolution

All In - Fear is Holding You Back

All In - Again

God's Plan for the Last Days Church

Mission Possible: The Glory of God

The Ways of God In A Wilderness Season

Discover Your Destiny through Worship

The Victory of a Wounded Spirit

The Agony of a Wounded Spirit

Releasing the Power of the Ascension

It Is Time To Get God's Attention

It Is Time To Experience the Kingdom

It Is Time To Get Out of Town

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