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September 2008


Dear Friends and Dream Mates,


            It is a wise person who understands the different seasons of life and responds accordingly. The Bible tells us of a group of people who were known as. . “the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do. . .” (1 Chronicles 12:32). Jesus also spoke of this, “. . . You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.” (Matthew 16:3).


                               THE WILDERNESS SEASON  

            One of the most important seasons in the life of any follower of Christ is the season of the wilderness. The season of the wilderness comes to us at the strategic time between the promise made and the promise received. We receive a promise, a word, a vision, or a dream from God but, there is a season of testing before it is fulfilled. During this season of the wilderness we encounter two major obstacles to the fulfilling of our dream: Time and Problems. We quickly learn that God’s timing is different from our expectations. We also quickly learn that there are some giants between us and our destiny.

            One of the greatest ways you can be equipped to successfully see the fulfillment of your God-given dream is to understand the purposes of God in this wilderness experience.



            Have you ever found yourself thrust into a difficult time in your life and your response was something like this: “God, why are you doing this to me?” or maybe you said, “God have you forgotten me?” or even, “Surely, I must have missed God in thinking my dream was from Him.” These kinds of statements from our mouth reflect a people who do not understand the purposes of God in a wilderness season. I have some truth for you today; Wilderness seasons are coming, the question is; are you going to be prepared to pass the test?


                              WE ARE A PEOPLE OF DESTINY 

            As a Child of God we are on a journey toward a destination. We have purpose. We have a goal. We are going somewhere. Our destination is our destiny. The wilderness season is a time that no child of God will ever choose to enter. The Scripture even tells us that our Lord, “was driven by the Spirit into the wilderness.” Although we never choose it, Our Heavenly Father assigns it for all of His children. While the enemy will try to use this season in our lives to cause us to grumble, complain, and drown in unbelief toward the promises of God. God divinely ordains this season to bless us, strengthen our character, and deepen our intimacy with Him.



            In this series of messages you will learn how to successfully navigate this stormy season in your life and emerge victorious and ready to seize your destiny. I have written a special fifty-day journal that accompanies these messages. Within its pages you will discover:


·        How to recognize your wilderness season

·        The twelve types of wilderness experiences found in the Bible

·        Five essential truths that you must know in order to survive the wilderness

·        How a wilderness season can produce intimacy between you and God

·        The seven indispensable resources God gives to every one in the wilderness


These are just some of the truths you will learn on this fifty-day journey. If you have not received your copy of this devotional please write to me and request one. The series of messages will be available on CD by late November 2008. Through the teachings in the devotional and in the messages I want you to be equipped to move through your desert and into your destiny.


Pastor Barry



Artistry Labs