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Dear Dream Mate,

As each new year begins, a fresh calendar consisting of 12 brand new months, 52 fresh weeks and 365 unspoiled days is always exciting for dreamers. The opportunities, the potential and the promises are all before us waiting to be experienced. For the follower of Jesus Christ the New Year is not a time for resolutions of the flesh which usually last about two weeks, but the New Year is a time to discern a new season of God’s activity and to make wise choices in order to advance our lives and the kingdom of God.

IT IS TIME!           

I believe there is a distinct season of opportunity that is before us in which we can see a fulfillment of the visions and dreams God has placed in our heart. This is not a simple, shallow, superficial, religious pep rally type of enthusiasm but a discernment of a spiritual season of tremendous opportunity. I do not know about you, but I am ready! I am tired of the detours, delays, timeouts, burnouts, blowouts, dropouts, hindrances, regrets and excuses that have delayed the completion of our dreams. In over twenty five years of ministry I can never remember a time that I have been more excited about a season of opportunity.


At the same time I see opportunity, I also witness entirely too many paralyzed with a spirit of frustration. This spirit manifests itself in thoughts like these:

  •  I thought I would be further along at this stage of my life
  •  Life is not accelerating at the pace I desire
  • I thought I would be much closer to my dreams now 
I am watching many people overcome by this frustration. Many times it is a silent killer. Good, faithful people in the church going about their routines but plagued by these doubts and experiencing an inner frustration that makes them feel like exploding at times. I want you to know that you are not alone in your feelings and in the message I have included I will explain where this frustration comes from and how to deal with it.


Every casual Bible student recognizes that in our Hebrew Bible that numbers have deep significance. The number seven is always a number of perfection and completion (God created the world in seven days, etc). The number eight is always the number of new beginnings (there are eight recorded resurrections, etc). It is interesting that when this series was created, in our current Gregorian calendar, we completed the year of our Lord 2007 and began 2008. The Hebrew calendar recognized the year as 5768. So in both systems a season of seven is followed by a season of eight.

I believe like the sons of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32) we should be wise and understand the times we are in. It is always to our advantage to understand the Lord’s timing as opposed to our culture’s timing. This series teaches you how to take full advantage of the seasons of opportunity that you and your family experience. It Is Time to see the completion of the seasons of testing and enter into seasons of new beginning and the fulfillment of your dreams.



God has given me some insightful revelation from His word concerning the importance of this season. This is available in a series of messages I preached as Senior Pastor at The Church at Trophy Lakes in Trophy Club, TexasI implore you to take the corresponding actions that your faith demands by actively seeking to shape your life in the direction of your vision. Listen to these messages and it will help you focus your thoughts and actions on the fulfillment of your dreams no matter what season you are in.


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