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The Incarnation

The Moment that Changed the World

For followers of Jesus Christ there is a moment when everything changed. It was a moment that went unobserved by many. It was a moment that was not heralded by the famous of the day. It was just a moment in an insignificant place in what appeared to be an insignificant time. YET, the future would prove that it was anything but insignificant. It was the moment that changed the World.

Theologians still argue over the intricate details of what took place

Artists still try to capture the power of the moment on their canvas

Musicians still try to capture the intensity of the moment in their songs

And people like you and me just come back to the moment and kneel and worship over and over again.


Join us for Christmas 2012 as we explore The Incarnation: The Moment that Changed the World Forever.


We will examine just four of the numerous implications of the Incarnation: God Speaks, God Reveals, God Interrupts, and God Loves.


December 2 –   God Speaks –  That Makes Us Different Luke 1:26-38

December 9 –   God Reveals -  That Makes Us Worshippers John 1:14-18

December 16 – God Interrupts –That Makes Us Awake Matthew 1:18-25

December 23 – God Loves -     That Makes Us Special Mark 10:45

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