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       There is a growing movement in America known as the survivalist movement or the prepper movement. These people are convinced that major disruptions in the social and political order in the world are coming and they intend to be prepared. There are conventions and books and websites and video instructional courses. As a movement it is growing with an estimated 3 million people (preppers) currently in the United States alone. There is even a popular television show that documents the preparations of these people on the National Geographic Network called Doomsday Preppers.

I certainly do not disparage the preparations of these people today. (If you are a prepper, all I ask is that you give your pastor a key to your bunker!) However, when we come to the certainty of the end times we are called to face them differently than those of the world. In almost everything the members of the Kingdom of God are to face life’s challenges differently than those who are of the kingdoms of this world. This applies to the end times as well. We are not called to "hunker in the bunker" but rather engage the culture and present the Gospel as the only hope for a rebellious and sinful people. Ultimately, we are not called to go down (in the earth) for safety, but rather be prepared to go up (in the heavens) for deliverance from the evil of this world.


This message series teaches us how to be prepared as well as how to read the powerful signs of the times that demand preparation from God’s people.


God’s people have always been called to prepare in the face of judgment. Noah prepared an ark when God’s wrath seemed like a joke to the worldly people. John the Baptist called the people to preparation in light of the long awaited Messiah among a culture who had become very worldly in their outlook. The church is called to preparation as well in the middle of a culture that ridicules holiness and the things of God.


Preparation leads to Peace and Power. These are the two most important characteristics you can possess in the last days. If you’re in need of either- this series is for you!


       Some of the areas we will cover in this series:

·         The Five specific things you can do to be prepared for the evil times that are coming

·         The number one thing you can do to protect your family in the last days

·         The  importance of having a plan to protect your family

·         How to recapture the urgency that the times demand

·         Three marks that we are living in the last generation

·         Six parallels of Jesus first coming and His second coming and how we are seeing each one of them in our world today

·         Five unmistakable signs we are in the last days from the nation of Israel

·         How 9-11 fulfilled prophecy directly from the Bible

·         Reasons why we believe the nation of America is in her 11th hour

·         What the modern nations of Russia, Syria and Egypt teach us about biblical prophecy

·         What a sixteenth century priest by the name of St. Malachy teaches us about the last days

·         What two things the Bible says must happen before Jesus returns and how we are seeing them today.

·         God’s description of the nature of the world and people in the last days

·         Answer the question, “Is the antichrist alive on planet earth today?”

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